Our events are aimed at creating synergies and building networks that promote innovation and entrepreneurship of which collaboration is a fundamental component. Innov8 and Maxum Mondays are our regular flagship events that attract high level players and start up entrepreneurs that make up broader networks which discuss various topics centred around entrepreneurship and innovation. All our events are free.


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Maxum Digital Launch
19 May 2017

Maxum Digital Incubator was operationalised in 2016 and at the time of opening had recruited and incubated fifteen start-up companies predominantly composed of youth and women. In par

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Maxum Monday
10 Apr 2017

Mushambi Mutuma is a seasoned entrepreneur that is keen on cultivating the next generation of African innovators. Join the session as he shares his Keys to Success

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Creative Industries
06 Apr 2017

A session dedicated to engaging the way in which brands have become story tellers and the extent to which creatives can partner with brands and enhance these brand narratives. Unearthing how the

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Tomorrows Leaders Convention
30 Mar 2017

We live in a time of open source opportunities and giant blank canvases.  No generation before us has enjoyed greater opportunities for innovation, creation and exploration.  And we live i

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Maxum Monday
27 Mar 2017

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