Climate Innovation Centre ENTREPRENEURS
Leaper Innovate Green Technologies

Compressed air energy storage

Tel: 0119555345 or


A hybrid Solar water heater coupled to a Heat pump and uses a low-pressure storage tank for the water.

Tel: 0834606839

Earthfuel/Fresh Urban

Developing a mobile inverter+battery back up system

Tel: 0614063346

Boost Machanics (Pty) Ltd

New patented fuel saving retrofit device for cars and trucks

Tel: 0725146544

Nelisat Pty Ltd

Remotely monitored water meter

Tel: 0721374400

Growthop Pty Ltd

Design of compact and stackable urban gardening enclosure

Tel: 0842696444

2Line Trading and Projects Pty Ltd

Gasifier cookers

Tel: 0836988793   


Electricity management for RDP houses to ensure tenants in rented back rooms account for their energy use

Tel: 0815474949

Ducere Holdings Pty Ltd

Patented fuel saving retrofitted device for trucks

Tel: 0824452990

Power Optimal

Energy efficiency controller

Tel: 082 788 1615; 012 841 4212

Technotherm (Supertherm) (PTY) Ltd


Tel: 082 701 4592 | 011 482 4024

Nazerox (PTY) Ltd

Polycarbonate Tubing for LED lights

Tel: 082 772 7791 | 082 928 7396

Anglo Oil Filtration cc

Oil Purification/ Cracking Plant

Tel: 0762432589

Amahlathi Eco Tech (Pty) Ltd/Ikusasa Green

Developed two devices,"Heat Raider" and "Hot spot", for recycling waste heat from A/Cs and refrigeration

Tel: 0617596428 | 083 434 7631;;

Sbongukhanyo Pty Ltd

Plastic recycling; conversion to pellets for reuse

Tel: 0714507248

AMN Environmental

Waste (initial target: diapers) to energy via imported gasification technology

Tel: 0783280157

Rickshaw Trade and Invest

Waste to energy plant via thermal conversion to produce Dimethyl Ether, a fuel additive/substitute

Tel: 0711466775

Saratoga Trading & Projects

Grey water recycling

Tel: 076 887 4780 | 078 240 8090

ZingCo Electric Vehicle

Black Motion Investment has developed the Zingco Electric Bike.

Tel: 082 929 5159 | 012 3318812

Hycat Oil

Hycat is different from other pyrolysis and biomass conversion processes due to the unique catalysis process. This allows us to address the most critical defects in existing pyrolysis oil, namely acidity, char, and energy value. Our catalysis process strips the oxygen from the oil during the pyrolysis process, this results in a oil with a much higher energy value as well as much lower acidity

Tel: 0836404923

Wits Brake Disc

Lightweight brake disc using wire-­woven bulk diamond (WBD) material introduced into the centre of the ventilated channel. Promotes enhanced internal cooling as a result of the greater exposed surface area of the WBD core. 5% lower mass and 90 °C lower surface temperature compared to the industry benchmark. 

Tel: 0117179084 |

TUT Heat Pump

A heat pump system adapted for drying of fruit (and other foods) faster and at lower cost than other methods

Tel: 0123825286 |

Cosal Consultants CC

Provision of alternative road construction methods utilising locally available non-bitumen and recycled waste material.

Tel: 0729332200

NuLeaf Management & Projects

Waterless urinal system

Tel: 011 047 3314 | 082 7766 410

Nderezina Solar Track

Single axis solar tracking device

Tel: 079 246 1567 | 013 692 8792

Bravado Business Solution

100% reusable air-crossing which is a ventilation application used in underground mine ventilation.

Tel: 0610260203

Tiro Sechaba

It re-uses one of society’s most important and high-quality industrial products – the auto tyre.  The geo-cylinder created by removing both sidewalls from a waste auto tyre simply and ruggedly binds together granular soil and stone particles and spreads out heavy wheel loads over the subgrade.

Tel: 0828575926


To provide energy through the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen, storing the hydrogen and re-using it as an energy source and convert it back to electricity for home use.

Tel: 0828307222

Rob Bray Concepts CC

the company is developing a new innovative wind turbine

Tel: 0824583685;

Hiero Constructions

Homegrid is a peak period energy management system for everyone.

Tel: 072 685 0027

Boleng Solutions & Services

Hybrid bicycle and washing machine

Tel: 084 840 5688; 0834502198

Cipher Crete

The company manufactures roof-top tiles made of  Kenaf-Shiv, Pozzalana and suitable binding materials.

Tel: 0745616162 | 0744739033


The company is developing a lighting solution called iGlow which is a cutting-edge LED lamp that runs on two things that every household has, namely; salt and water.

Tel: 0769087005

Thevia (Pty) Ltd

The company is developing green roof tiles made from waste materials

Tel: 0716056825

Kusini water (Pty) Ltd

the company is developing an industrial solar powered Polyvinyldene Difluoride (PVDF) filters for fully automated water treatment systems for use in water treatment within the African continent.

Tel: 0820820624

Nubrix (Pty) Ltd

The company is building bricks created from recycled paper

Tel: 0742453038

Share Water

The company is developing a smart water meter

Tel: 0760407093

Siyendza Technical Marketing

The business focuses on the collection, recycling and beneficiation of waste fiberglass. The main streams of income generation would be the fee for the collection of waste fiberglass and the sale of the recycled material back into the fiberglass/polymer concrete manufacturing stream.

Zonke Energy

The company is a growing enterprise servicing off-grid communities in Cape Town with renewable energy. The company is currently servicing an “informal” settlement with basic electricity. They have developed a scalable business concept for an end to end renewable energy utility.

Tel: 0828612088

Gomotsegang Consultancy

Fuel Efficient Honeycomb Briquettes. The overall objective of this project is to produce and disseminate 6,336,000 efficient, high quality, low cost, commercially driven but environmentally friendly cooking fuel briquettes from waste biomass that will yield a turn-over of R21,120,000 in year one

Tel: 0727154560

New Earth Group

Black owned and managed waste management and recycling company specialising in polystyrene and household appliance recycling and conversion

Sustainable Power Generation

The company offers containerized, high-quality, durable solutions for sustainable power generation designed and manufactured in South Africa with world-class components.

Uvimba Energy Securities

Motor oil recycling aiming to do the beneficiation themselves

Tel: 0728640752

Mtan Eskolo

Currently collecting PET from Shoprite in Port Elizabeth

Tel: 0817490355;

Go Green Community Project

Waste management company that collects waste and sell it to buy-back centers

Tel: 0834042256