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Fab Lab, an abbreviation for ‘fabrication laboratory’, is a platform for high school learners from disadvantaged backgrounds to create prototypes using world-class, cutting edge machinery. Learners are able to design, 3D print and manufacture using advanced manufacturing technology and use their prototypes to create a business. This platform is intended to promote a culture of participation in the innovation co-system and entrepreneurship through skills development and weekly training. 

Service Offerings

The programme offers youth from previously disadvantaged schools to be exposed to design and print in 3D, computer training, entrepreneurship training and advanced manufacturing training.

Application process

High school learners in Grade 10 and 11 focusing on science, tech, engineering and mathematics (STEM)  

How to apply

You can contact us on 012 844 0000 or preferably email: Info@theinnovationhub.com

Partners and Sponsors