The Innovation Hub To Showcase At Bio Africa Convention 2019

Dr Chamunorwa

Issued by: Linah Nemantadani
[23 August 2019]

To: All Media 

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Tshwane, Friday, 23 August 2019 The Innovation Hub - the Innovation Agency of the Gauteng Province will once again take part in the BIO Africa Convention taking place from the 26th to the 28th August 2019 in Durban at the International Convention Centre. According to The Innovation Hub General Manager for Innovation, Sectors & Industry Development, Dr Chamunorwa Togo, the BIO Africa Convention provides an enabling environment for entrepreneurs and industry sectors to engage with relevant stakeholders from the global biotechnology sector. “The convention offers a platform for exploring investment, collaboration and partnerships with the African biotech business leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, regulatory authorities as well as policymakers,” explained Dr Togo. The convention also intends to showcase Africa’s biotechnology innovations in the health, agriculture and industrial sectors to the global community. 


15 entrepreneurs incubated at the BioPark@Gauteng, Climate Innovation Center, Maxum Smart and eKasiLabs have been selected to showcase at the convention. These include:


African Applied Chemicals, a company incubated at BioPark@Gauteng has developed an innovative and long-lasting insect repellent yarn utilizing BiKoRepellent Fabric® Technology. This revolutionary yarn is specially engineered to store high amounts of liquid repellent actives which are then released at slow rate in a controlled manner.


Global Health Biotech, a company incubated at BioPark@Gauteng Incubator manufactures the natural anti-inflammatory ointment/cream named La-Africa Soother (LAS) from medicinal plants. La-Africa Soother (LAS) product offers athletes, sports men and women an alternative natural anti-inflammatory cream/ointment.


Fontis, a company incubated at BioPark@Gauteng Incubator, manufactures botanical clean beauty products that perform! It is therapeutic to your senses plus they offer an integrated approach to beauty.


Royal Mabundu, a company incubated at BioPark@Gauteng Incubator produces herbal fortified fermented maize beverage (amageu). The different fortifications cater for more nutrition and alternative methods of intake amongst infants while having medicinal complementary aspects.


South Western Dairy, a company incubated at BioPark@Gauteng Incubator, is a proudly South African, family owned, milk processing business. This 100% black owned dairy business is a dream realized by father and son duo, Stephen and Nkosana Mtimkulu.


Serenitii, a company incubated at BioPark@Gauteng Incubator produces and distributes globally-inspired spa and retail products that blend exotic ingredients from the African continent into socially-conscious offerings for professional use and total relaxation.


Le Horo, is a company that produces sawdust briquettes and charcoal using modern industrial technology and marketing of its products. Marula kernels are used with other ingredients like alien trees, that are crushed into saw dust and processed into briquettes.


Bubbly’s, a company incubated at eKasiLab Incubator is a distributor of products aimed at curbing issues pertaining Alopecia (hair loss), Hyperpigmentation, Eczema, Acne, Seborrheic Dermatitis (dandruff) and many other skin, face and hair conditions.


Organic Touch specializes in homemade beauty products. The well-known brand caters for everyone who loves taking care of their skin.


Patient Health, a company incubated at Maxum Business Incubator, developed an innovative health education tech-company reinventing point-of-care to facilitate better health outcomes for all patients in South Africa.


The Gryphon Corporation, a company incubated at Maxum Business Incubator, is a mobility innovation company that has created a platform that will work to enhance the business model of small to large scale farmers.


My Pregnancy Journey, a company incubated at Maxum Business Incubator, developed an educational pregnancy App and mobile solution for South Africa and the rest of Africa’s women.


Bewell Cooperate Group, a company incubated at Maxum Business Incubator, offers a primary healthcare and counselling clinic welcoming all ages from newborns to seniors.


The convention presents invaluable opportunities for The Innovation Hub and its entrepreneurs to network with investors, collaborators and other interested parties with intent to collaborate, partner and invest.  These types of platforms are essential to the growth of entrepreneurs. The BIO Africa Convention is driven in partnership with governments, industry bodies, investment agencies, and research institutions, locally and globally.



For more information, please contact:

Linah Nematandani

Communication and Events Manager

(+27) 12 844 0030/ (+27) 71 673 9964

Twitter: @InnovHub

Facebook: InnovhubZA


About GGDA

The Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA), is an agency of the Gauteng Department of Economic Development (GDED). GGDA is the implementing arm of the GDED and assists the department in leading, facilitating and managing sustainable job creation and inclusive economic growth and development in the Gauteng City Region.


About The Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub, the innovation agency of the Gauteng Province is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency.  It was established by the Gauteng Provincial Government through its Department of Economic Development to promote economic development and competitiveness of Gauteng through innovation. The Innovation Hub offers a number of programmes in the Bioeconomy (agro processing and pharmaceutical), Smart Industries (ICT and advanced manufacturing) and Green Economy (Water purification, waste management and renewable energy). In addition, as an innovation agency, The Innovation Hub operates a range of enterprise development, skills development and innovation enabling programmes both in the science park and throughout the Gauteng region.

Its enterprise development programmes comprise, the Maxum Business Incubator that support companies with innovative technologies within Smart Industries (ICT and advanced manufacturing, Maxum Digital, an incubation programme put in place to identify and support students, developers, technical professionals and the creative community in the province in all aspects of digital (i.e. gaming, animation, virtual reality and digital). The objective is to provide support that will grow digital companies. A mobile application laboratory (mLab), the Climate Innovation Centre South Africa, BioPark@Gauteng and EkasiLabs (innovation centres located in the townships in Gauteng). The Skills development programme comprises CoachLab (internships and learnerships),FabLab (Fab Lab is a platform for high school learners from disadvantaged backgrounds to create prototypes using world-class, cutting edge machinery. Learners are able to design, 3D print and manufacture using advanced manufacturing technology and use their prototypes to create a business.), Codetribe (software and code development).

The Innovation enabling programme comprises a range of initiatives aimed at building an innovative Gauteng City region, such as the OpenIx platform for linking solution providers with challenge owners, thereby fast tracking commercialisation of technology, enhancing competitiveness and service delivery; networking opportunities and collaborative events; schools programmes that focus on embedding a culture of innovation amongst the youth and supporting technology transfers and commercialisation of the innovative technologies.