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Afrocentric IP stands for Afrocentric Intellectual Property. The name itself suggests that we are about the development and creation of Intellectual Property. In order to create and generate intellectual property Innovation MUST be at the core. Afrocentric IP has adopted an Open Innovation Model.

This model encourages collaboration between technology communities, academic institutions, research institution and civil society. This model is also a primary stimulant for Innovation, which is the cornerstone of many developing economies.

In a nut shell we offer solutions that conform to open standards, promote innovation and avoid Single Vendor Lock-in. Our Slogan is Open, Innovative and Integration Solutions. Our mission is to establish mutual beneficial partnerships with our customers to properly understand their businesses and/or organizational objectives which in return positions us to deliver solutions that address our customers actual needs and business drivers

Suite U2
First Floor
Innovation Centre
6 Mark Shuttleworth Street
The Innovation Hub
South Africa