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The Gauteng Provincial Government, through the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency SOC Ltd, provides

  • Funding to establish the core infrastructure and incubation facilities;
  • Strategic direction;
  • Facilitated Government support; and
  • Access to donor funds, local sources of development finance and other non-provincial funding sources.


Our Shareholders


The Gauteng Provincial Government

The Gauteng Provincial Government [GPG] is an elected body that presides over the legislative, executive and judicial affairs that fall within the province’s jurisdiction.

At the start of the millennium, the Gauteng Provincial Government proposed to establish an environment that stimulates high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship and supports sustainable development which led to the inception of The Innovation Hub, the innovation agency of the Gauteng Province.

They inspire and encourage innovative entrepreneurship within Gauteng by contributing towards the effective operation of The Innovation Hub.



The Gauteng Department of Economic Development

The Gauteng Department of Economic Development [GDED] is a provincial governmental department which focuses on reducing poverty and unemployment within Gauteng province. It achieves this through the development and implementation of sound policy structures that increase the creation of employment opportunities within various globally competitive sectors in the province. They are associated with The Innovation Hub in order to advance this agenda.

The Gauteng Growth & Development Agency

The Gauteng Growth & Development Agency [GGDA] was established in 2012, as part of the restructuring of Gauteng’s provincial agencies. It exists to fundamentally grow Gauteng economy. The GGDA has played a vital role in the birth and establishment of companies that aim at increasing the Provinces’ financial muscle.

This is being achieved through funding and supporting companies that enable business development and incubation, capital generation and promote trade and investment. Some of the companies birthed by the GGDA for this purpose are The Innovation Hub, Automotive Industry Development Centre, The Gauteng Industrial Development Zone and the Constitution Hill. 

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