Green and Sustainable Development Projects

The Green Economy program within The Innovation Hub is the implementation vehicle for the green economy strategy of the Gauteng Province in order to place Gauteng Global City Region at the cutting edge of green and sustainable economic development world-wide.

The Green or Sustainable Development Economy is a diverse set of industries, processes and methodologies that lead to a lower consumption of resources and a higher level of economic activity. Projects have been selected because of their ability to rapidly address Gauteng’s carbon footprint, and because of their growing importance in the local and global economy.

This program is responsible for identifying, stimulating and supporting green innovations that have strong socio-economic impacts, with the ultimate aim of being absorbed into a green economy. It identifies, stimulates, supports R&D commercialisation and innovations in priority sectors of the green economy, to be fully mainstream into the Gauteng economy.

Projects launched by the The Innovation Hub

Moringa Oleifera Project

The Moringa Oleifera project has been a flagship project in delivering on the Green Economy strategy in the past year. The project was in partnership with the Moloto community and the University of Pretoria and aimed at planting Moringa trees on 20 hectares of land with Moringa trees as pilot phase. TIHMC aims to intensify the project by acquiring more land for planting and assist with the commercialisation of the Moringa value chain with emphasis on creation of new business opportunities, jobs, sustainability of the project and its impact on food security and rural development in Moloto.

Solar Photovoltaic Enegy Solution Project

The Innovation Hub Management Company (TIHMC) launched the Solar Project in a concerted effort with the City of Tshwane. The project is a household Solar Photovoltaic (PV) energy solution for 50 rural / un-electrified homes and is aimed at addressing Gauteng’s socio – economic challenges. The energy solution is a single household level power generation system (stand alone) - ideally suited to indigent communities where the likelihood of near-future connection to the national grid is very low. This solution focuses on energy efficiency and forms part of Demand Side Management (DSC). Each household was provided with a roof-mounted solar PV array with battery storage. A gas stove with an oven will be included specifically for the cooking and water heating and as a means improving and the longevity and performance of the system, and a solar water geyser for the provision of hot water.

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