Business Support and Development

Business Support Services enables residents to concentrate on their core activity: innovation. The services not only free the entrepreneurs from back office and administrative tasks, but also contribute to lowering the cost of doing business. The following instruments have been identified to support TIH resident companies:

Business Centre

A business centre has been established within the park to support community companies in their commercialization efforts. To date the following services are available:

  • Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence information is important for technology entrepreneurs to understand world markets and be able to be competitive. To this end, we will provide resident companies with access to market intelligence reports. The first offering is market reports offered by Business Insights.

  • Patent Search Tool

Advice on commercialisation, specifically related to intellectual property (IP) is an important part in assisting entrepreneurs in their technology commercialisation undertakings. Innovators often want to know the ins and outs of disclosure, evaluation, patenting and licensing and often do not know where to go to for assistance. The services under this category are geared to address the specific issues facing innovators considering commercialising their technologies and will be provided by the IP unit currently being constituted within TIHMC.

Patent search is an unavoidable aspect of commercialisation, which is often costly in terms of money and time. In addition to advisory services, the resident companies will be provided with a proprietary patent search tool to assist them in searching for patent information, thereby saving them time and money. The tool will be provided as part of the Business Centre.

Access To Meeting rooms and Conference Venue
To assist the resident companies in their business development and growth, the resident companies have access to the TIH’s conference venues at reduced rates. In addition, the residents are provided with access to 4 boardrooms in the Enterprise Building at no cost.

Soft Landing Services
Soft landing services are geared to provide short term accommodation to technology companies that are relocating to another province or country. Through TIH’s International Association of Science Parks (IASP) membership, TIHMC is able to arrange soft landing opportunities for its resident companies that are looking to relocate to provinces and countries where there are science and technology parks that are members of the IASP community.

IP Advisory Services
IP Advisory Services encompasses legal and managerial assistance to enterprises on how to manage their IP assets and how to develop an IP strategy as a part of their business strategies. This includes:

  • Management of the IP process including strategies for IP protection and commercialisation,
  • Monitoring and identifying issues and approaches in IP management relating to green economy and environmental sustainability projects and innovations in support of Climate Innovation Centre,
  • IP management workshops for entrepreneurs and the Innovation Hub precinct companies. The workshops will focus on what intellectual property is; what intellectual property covers;
  • the essentials of trademarks, copyrights, designs, patents and trade secrets; and why intellectual property is important to a business. The importance of conducting prior art searches and how to conduct patent searches through the proprietary and non-proprietary patent database,
  • Conducting IP and legal due diligences and preparing IP opinions,
  • Vetting, reviewing, negotiating and drafting various types of agreements, and
  • IP and legal advice to the entrepreneurs and the Innovation Hub precinct companies.
  • Advice on commercialisation strategies with particular emphasis on licensing, etc.

Specialists and Technical Advisory Services
TIHMC offers specialists advice in technical / technological matters related to Green Economy, Biotech and ICT, as and when needed by resident companies.

Overall Outcomes and Impact of the Business Support Services

  • Reduced cost of doing business for resident companies,
  • Tenant companies will be assisted in evaluating and monitoring their competitiveness, environmental and technical / technological viability,
  • Resident companies will maximise shareholder value and achieve their business goals.

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