Kreon Technology is set to embark on energy storage territory | The Innovation Hub
Kreon Technology Is Set To Embark On Energy Storage Territory

[18 March 2020]

Over the past 25 years Kreon Technology, a tenant of The Innovation Hub since 2003, has established its reputation for developing state of the art electronic subsystems that have provided solutions to the defence, aerospace and industrial industries. What sets them apart is their ability to create custom engineered technological solutions that cannot be bought straight from the shelf.

In response to the energy crisis and the growing need for sustainable renewable energy, Kreon Technology aims to enter new a territory as they set their eyes on manufacturing components of Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have gained popularity over the years for their use in electric vehicles, personal electronics and grid-scale utility back-up systems. However, theses batteries can also be used to sustain households and businesses when an energy shortage arises, not an uncommon case in South Africa as utilities battle to keep up with power demands.

Kreon Director Louis Le Roux mentions that there are difficulties in transporting this type of battery, as there are known incidences of them exploding in aircrafts. Currently, the US has banned aircraft transportation of this battery due to the fire hazard they present. Shipment of this battery has not been an easy process, either. In response to these challenges, Kreon has identified an opportunity for manufacturing parts of the battery that would minimise the hazards presented during transportation, in a way that is cost effective. This technology has the potential to place South Africa on the map for local products that will be used on a global scale.

To move away from the dependence on burning fossil fuels which are not sustainable for energy generation, Kreon Technology aims to position itself as a household name for Lithium-ion battery parts. This is a promising opportunity for investment in South Africa directed in the renewable energy and green economy industry.