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African Beauty For Global Luxury- Serenitii

[26 June 2019]

A dream, a heart and 20 years of sweat and toil is what it took for cosmetologist Sarinah Matema to clinch her biggest business deal with SA’s foremost retailer Pick n Pay.

She spent years laying the foundation of her luxury cosmetic brand Serenitii Luxury Body Care, studying the market, perfecting unique and high quality formulations developed to exceed expectations but also foresaw emerging body care concerns that a modern woman would struggle with. Sarinah has over twenty years’ experience in cosmetics and beauty. And has held several positions in globally renowned cosmetic brands such as Estee Lauder, Clarins, Chanel and Lancome to list a few.  

The brand has steadily made global strides, exporting to the UK and Vietnam. The Serenitii is a proudly South African Lifestyle brand and a multi award winning luxury body range. They produce and distribute an array of globally inspired products which fuse Africa’s oldest secrets, such as ori oil from African shea beans into products suitable for any and all skin types.

Among a host of accolades, Serenitii was recently recognized by Acquisition INTL magazine as the Most Outstanding Spa & Retail Beauty Products Supplier 2019- South Africa.

 “Serenitii Luxury Body Care creates, produces and distributes globally-inspired spa and retail products which blend exotic ingredients from the African continent into socially-conscious offerings for professional use and total relaxation. The genesis of Serenity Luxury Body Care® lies in our desire to celebrate indigenous beauty rituals with natural products you can feel good about using” -Sarinah Matema

The product can be found at the Marion on Nicol boutique hotel, Melrose arch flower market and many other online platforms