Gap Finalists Announced

[14 November 2018]

Tshwane, 12 November 2018– The Innovation Hub- the Innovation Agency of the Gauteng Province announces finalists for the GAP Innovation Competition 2018.

GAP seeks innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs that are working on novel ideas that will improve the efficiency of government service delivery, increase the competitiveness of the local economy and enhance the quality of life of ordinary citizens. Categories are in the ICT, Medical, Biosciences, Green economy and township economy. Since inception in 2011, the five categories of GAP attracted more than 2200 entries and invested over R13 million in seed funding and incubation support to over 76 start-ups.

In selecting the finalists, an independent panel of judges considered business strategy, technology, market, the team, and impact of the technology. Winners will be announced during a Gala Dinner Awards that will be held at The Innovation Hub during the Global Entrepreneurship Week on Thursday, 15 November 2018.

The semi-finalists were selected in June, the criteria of selection are based on novelties introduced in one of The Innovation Hub’s priority sectors, namely biosciences, the green and blue economies, OICT, medical technologies, energy, and pharmaceuticals. After selection, the candidates were exposed to a training course which exposed them to strategic entrepreneurship; business model development; funding channels; pitching workshops; product pricing methods; effective presentation skills; and the composition of effective teams.

The finalists for The Innovation Hub GAP Innovation Competition 2018 are:

GATE Nominees

Kgosi Gape Holdings (pty) Ltd: The GRAVE CLOSING MACHINE)

A machine used to automate the filling of graves.

LIId Design

The innovation clinic, a bus that commutes through communities, providing their businesses with essential skills and resources for optimum operation and sustainability.



Nanotechnix is a social impact startup, focused on technology inclusion with the aim of converting waste non-returnable glass bottles into nanosilica.


Kasi Lifestyle

A township revitalization Social Enterprise which has created a Sharing Economy Ecosystem thereby Increasing Net Capital Inflows & secondly Increased Rand Circulation within township communities and economies.

iMothusi Pty Ltd

iMothusi Pty Ltd is an app that connects motorists without car insurance to township -based car-related services, such as tow trucks, motor mechanics, panel beaters.


Jane Massey Trading

Jane Massey Trading are the producers and developers of a new juice brand targeted at health conscious and diabetic consumers in South Africa.

KAPP Delivery

KAPP is a low- cost food delivery service that currently promotes and delivers for local restaurants, fully operational in Hatfield and surrounding areas.


Admire Colt Kagiso (ACK)

Admire Colt Kagiso is a foot wear and head wear manufacturing company established in 2018. The Company is based in Kagiso in the  West – Rand area, and currently consists of four members who are part of the management team. Their main priorities are to grow the company and to see it reach its full potential, to learn all we can about our field of profession and to execute effectively on tasks and company ambitions that have been set. They are young, fresh, vibrant and full of ideas.


Admire Colt Kagiso (ACK)

Admire Colt Kagiso is a foot wear and head wear manufacturing company established in 2018. The Company is based in Kagiso in the  West – Rand area, and currently consists of four members who are part of the management team. Their main priorities are to grow the company and to see it reach its full potential, to learn all we can about our field of profession and to execute effectively on tasks and company ambitions that have been set. They are young, fresh, vibrant and full of ideas.

The Open Book Academy

The Open Book Academy is a network of Learning Environments aimed at refining the South African system of education. Their blueprint observes the primary goal of providing unconstrained modes of learning



BonangZAR is a multimedia company that offers corporate identity, from logo design to business card designs and also video and photography.


Crystal Clear Science and Technology Club

Crystal Clear Science Technology Club is a Social Entrepreneurship Organisation trading on Innovative methodologies towards the development of Leadership, Technical and Entrepreneurship Skills in the Basic Education (High Schools; Grade 09-12). They establish and manage Science and Technology Clubs in Schools through relationships with different stakeholders within the STEM system.


MSSR Technology

MSSR Technology is a Waste to Energy Technology and Innovation Company that has created an innovative process that manufactures fuels from food waste. The bioethanol production technology takes food waste and uses proprietary biotechnology processes to make household energy for cooking and heating. Through the project, sustainable jobs will be created and a cheap and safe alternative energy source will be produced.  Their research and innovation not only focus on food waste, but on valorisation of other wastes such as municipal solid waste, plastics and Tetrapak containers.



KEQ Trading/SMS (School Management Software)

KEQ is a Technology Software company that specializes in creating database driven management systems and licensing for organizations across a broad spectrum of industries. MDT Solutions stands for Management Database Technology Systems and herein lies their School Management Software product which is a School Management System.


The Loo Cap & The Pee Basin (TnM Innovations)

Founders of The Loo Cap& The Pee Basin are in the business of manufacturing Water Efficiency products in the Water & Sanitation Sector - they offer improved Toilet Technology products with an aim to Save Water, Improve Hygiene & Incorporate Grey flushing Systems in everyday living. The products cater for mass occupied buildings such as Schools, Clinics, Hospitals & Malls; Individual Sanitation Needs and Mobile Toilets. All products are locally manufactured in South Africa.


GAP BIO Nominees

Agricultural Research Council Cape Town Agro-processing technologies

Novel agro-processing technologies for indigenous derived product

Agricultural Research Council Pretoria

Instant meals, baked and beverage products from indigenous plants

Eugenia Barros Biosciences & Consulting

Biologics for breast cancer

Letago Pharmaceticals

Biopharmaceuticals from indigenous plants


Cataract treatment and vision restoration eye drops

Ulusu Genetics

Personalised and precision cosmeceuticals


University of Limpopo

Micropropagation of high value and indigenous rare plants

Eugenia Barros Biosciences & Consulting

Recombinant anti-snake venom

Majestic Cream

Research and development of 100% locally sourced and manufactured organic products specific to eczema, psoriasis, acne, dark spots and pigmentation


Gap Green Nominees


Leafline manufacture washable sanitary and incontinent wear made from pineapple pulp fibre. The product is reusable and biodegradable.


Global Eye Techno

Global Eye Tecno improve and safeguard wastewater management.


Shaba Engineering & Green Buildings

A smart city is a designation given to a city that incorporates information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance the quality and performance of urban services such as energy, transportation and utilities in order to reduce resource consumption, wastage and overall costs. Shaba Engineering & Green Buildings is a pilot implementation of the Benchmark smart cities platform in South Africa


BN Aqua Solutions

A protyype developded for ACID MINE DRAINAGE TREATMENT




Cubic 38

Cubic 38 aids waste tyre recycling efforts in Pretoria West. Waste tyre pyrolysis is one of the most effective ways of disposing waste tyre in an environmental way.


North West University - Clean coal pellets

Clean coal pellets are produced by briquetting of discard coal fines, biochar derived from any organic waste via hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) and a catalyst. When using this product in a gasifier, sulphur emissions can be reduced by 60% and coal reactivity can be tripled.


The Polynate POD is a forward thinking, highly innovative and environmentally friendly living space that will be deployed into the eco-tourism industry to provide novel alternatives for accommodation in scenic places.

EL Mat Sustainable Solutions

Generating electricity from domestic/sewage wastewater

GAP ICT Nominees

Nlt Media (pty) Ltd

Interactive Children’s Books App & Indegenous Language Solution. The Roundafire Solution hosts multilingual children’s storybooks allowing children to access a large library of multilingual storybooks for their education and reading pleasure. The solution seeks to provide a Framework to teachers that will help foster a culture of reading amongst our learners.



iNAV is a smartphone application used to provide navigation assistance for people living with disabilities. the iNAV application provides users the ability to independently navigate both outdoor and indoor facilities and environments. The main degrees of disability that the app focuses on is physical (Paraplegic and Quadriplegic) and visual (Partially and Fully) impaired personnel.


Kamano Technologies

Kamano Technologies offer a cashless‐IOT Vending machine that dispenses medication through fingerprint or smart‐device authentication.


Graphix- Lab

InstyCards is an Interactive smart vending machine that dispenses Business cards; it will be loaded with pre-designed customised business card layouts for enterprenusers and Graphic designers looking for a solution to print instantly in a few quick swipes


iFOUNDiT has developed a mobile app that uses iBeacon technology to alert its users of retail specials in close proximity. Consumers are rewarded on a point system with every purchase.

Listen Longer

Listen Longer is a World-first in-ear sound tracking app which allows you to track personal sound exposure in your ear for safe, lifelong enjoyment of your music.

Priyo Tech

Portable solar computer lab-in-a-bag that can convert normal classrooms into temporal computer labs.

Tseke Registry

The technology is used for the Verification of ownership and status of heavy equipment which assesses the status of ownership and optimal functionality.



GAP Medical Nominees


This is a Mobile dental unit targeted for the ease of access of remote and under-privileged communities.


Digitech Group

The innovation replaces the traditional walking stick and, in its place, provides a artificial intelligence-based walking stick for visually impaired individuals.



Dynamic Body Technology

This is a smart measurement and analysis of joints movements using sensors and internet of things.


Tshwane University of Technology

The innovation is a smart robotic rollator used for aiding mobility and motion in recovering and elderly people


University Of Pretoria

A rapid, affordable and non-invasive method to detect malaria


From this list, will be the next generation of entrepreneurs to receive commercialisation support and seed fund and a year long incubation at of The Innovation Hub’s Business Incubators. The winners will be announced at an award ceremony on 15 November 2018.