Township Entrepreneur Awards


The Township Entrepreneur Awards are an initiative by the Gauteng Department of Economic Development (GDED) to celebrate, recognise and reward entrepreneurial talent in the townships whilst supporting the provinces’ goal and commitment to revitalising the township economy. The impact that the awards will have in changing negative perceptions about township based businesses as well as encourage and inspire township entrepreneurs to realise the conceivable economic gains for communities within which they operate.

The adjudication process will commence once submission for entries closes at 16h00 on Friday 16 September 2016.

All candidates submitting entries will be judged against the set capabilities below;

Innovation and Creativity

–      The novelty of the business idea, product or service

–      How has the business reinvented itself in the way of doing business in their industry


Financial Management & Performance

–      Demonstrate growth and financial performance over the last 2 years


Social & Community Impact

–      What need in the community does the business fulfil

–      Any CSI engagements, programmes or involvement


Sustainability & Economic Opportunities

–      Longevity and durability of the business

–      “Green” aspects of the business

–      Contribution of the business to growing the economy i.e. training, upskilling, employment opportunities etc.


Management Systems & Processes

–      What measures and systems has the business employed to make the business work

–      Marketing how do you market your business, product or service


The 3 specialist categories will also be judged according to the above criteria but entry is restricted to specific groups over and above the basic entry requirements:

–      Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award is only open to women;

–      Entrepreneur with a Disability Award is only open to men and women with a disability;

–      Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award is only open to young men and women under the ages of 35 years.


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